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Strategic Procurement

Value adding procurement requires a number of carefully targeted approaches. The services that we offer include: 

  • Scoping to identify and evidence base the most appropriate strategy;
  • EU Procurement Directive compliant tenders;
  • Use of tried and tested contract documents:

    • Advice on models or options matched to individual client needs; one size does not fit all;
    • Contract strategy development;
    • Customer involvement;
    • Time / cost / quality considerations; 
    • Management tools for objective assessment, and EU Procurement Compliance;
    • Key Performance Indicators, incentivisation; 
    • Process control and transparency;
    • Robust and proven contract documents;
    • Independent audit/reviews;
    • E-Tendering; 
    • 'Hands-on' implementation.

We specialise in providing the above advice and support as an integral part of local authority and RSL business planning, and the development of strategies leading to LSVTs, ALMOs and PFIs. Our consultants bring a wide and diverse background to each project that will bring a new dimension to the key issues facing your organisation.

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Strategic Fire Safety

We have had direct involvement of a number of high profile fire incidents within the housing sector and have developed a range of templates, systems and processes that ensure ongoing suitable and sufficient procedures in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Having formed part of the West Midlands Fire Service High-Rise Task Force in the early 1990s, we are fully aware of the needs of the Fire Service, the needs of social landlord's and how these two demands can be met. A significant number of our fire safety projects involve working directly with the relevant Fire & Rescue Service. This is something that we have achieve great success in.

As part of our compliance assurance audits, reviewing the fire safety management regime that landlords have in place is a frequent area of activity.

Repairs & Maintenance

The success of social landlords will be significantly influenced on how well they deliver a customer focused and integrated repairs and maintenance service.  In order to achieve this objective, we can assist in the following: 

  • Repairs and Maintenance Service Health Checks
  • Robust and Comprehensive Value for Money assessments
  • Contractor/Direct Labour Reviews and Procurement
  • Independent Quality Assurance Checks
  • Policy and Procurement Development
  • Pre/Post Regulatory Inspection Support
  • Service Improvement Plan Development
  • Robust Benchmarking & market testing
  • Linkage to Asset Management Strategy
  • Efficiency Reviews
  • Achieving the Optimal Balance of Planned/Responsive Maintenance
  • Call Handling and Support Functions
  • DLO Business Plans / Convergence & Growth Strategies






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Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution / Adjudication support & management 

Adjudication advocacy / Project management of the process with lawyers, other experts and the client to ensure robust and cost effective case management.

Vast experience of disputes on all of the main Form of Contract.

Asset Management

Asset management is integral to the business planning process. The proper management of assets is fundamental to good financial performance, and provides the context for investment decisions.

Effective asset management strategies must take account of stock condition, rent income, and patterns of supply and demand within local and sub-regional housing markets.   We can assist with a variety of issues including: 

  • Validation of investment plans and stock surveys.
  • Public sector stock condition survey procurement and management.
  • Preparation of asset management strategies.
  • Development of investment strategies.
  • Detailed option appraisal.  
  • Planned maintenance programmes.
  • Comprehensive data services, including data management, analysis and collection.
  • Due diligence on all Asset Management / Property services functions in connection with audits, mergers, group structures or acquisitions.

Project Management

Many of our clients have found the way that we integrate of project management assignments into their business offer significant added value. In contrast to taking projects off site as 'traditional consultancy', we work as part of your teams to deliver complex assignments more effectively and efficiently, in a way that imparts knowledge to your staff. Some examples include:

North London Local Authority

  • Project management and delivery of a 480 million pounds Decent Homes Programme
  • Restructuring of the Property Services team as a result of the above
  • Developing a comprehensive service improvement plan aligned to the Regulators requirements
  • Skills audit and direct delivery of a detailed training plan of technical and support staff
  • Mock inspection
  • Assisting in an in-house bid by the direct labour division


  • Successful delivery of the Decent Homes procurement project, within budget and on time
  • Realigning the staff structure to enable a fit for purpose client with the right skills at the most appropriate levels
  • Successfully contributing to a Regulatory inspection
  • Enabling the in-house team to secure a new contract by implementing a new business plan based on efficiency gains

East London Housing Association

  • To lead and direct the Property Services Department
  • Responding to the requirement of the Regulator as a result of the organisation being placed in 'special measures'
  • Restructuring of the Property Services team including closing down an internal maintenance team.
  • Refocusing the asset strategy to fit the needs of the global financial model
  • Asset disposal based on a clearly articulated criteria
  • Terminating under-performing contracts and consolidating new ones into more customer focused outputs
  • Report to the CEO and Board in a period of rapid change


  • Successful assisted in removing the organisation out of special measures within 6 months
  • Refocused and embedded new ways of working for both staff and contractors that added value to the service
  • Bridged the funding gap on Decent Homes by selective asset disposal based on a sustainability model
  • Driving up customer satisfaction at the same time as cost constraint by improving the 'customer experience'

South London Housing Association

  • Servicing other internal client Departments with a wide range of construction / property professional services
  • Formed part of the senior team in leading a PFI bid
  • Outsourced parts of the service that could be delivered more effectively by others
  • Restructured the department to avoid silo working and to achieve higher utilisation rates for staff
  • Managed a trading account for the Department
  • Project managed the procurement and implementation of asset management software


  • First business plan and trading account put in place and delivered year 1 targets
  • Substantial and highly focused business planning and due diligence on developing a special purpose vehicle to bid for the PFI
  • Engaged with internal customers to understand their needs better, to provide better services and to achieve 'customer delight'
  • Refocused the internal professional team to provide multi-disciplinary property services based on the client's needs

South London local authority

  • Undertook a detailed compliance review of all construction related health and safety activities
  • Reported directly to the Head of Service to ensure senior level buy-in and an air of independence from operational teams
  • Provided property expertise to the clients legal advisors
  • Developed a range of outcome focused compliance standards
  • Developed and implemented a service improvement plan
  • Liaised directly with external agencies including Government Agencies
  • Directly trained staff on undertaking fire risk assessments including on site testing
  • Rebuttal of external expert witness statements including presentation and cross examination of the facts
  • Procured external consultancy support in order to deliver a significant plan of remedial actions, including procurement, mobilisation and delivery
  • Matrix managed specialist teams in order to obtain access to specialist skills and abilities
  • Mentor to second and third tier senior managers


  • Early detection of significant non-compliance areas enabling these to be reprioritised
  • Successful rebuttal of accusations made by third party on the local authority
  • Delivered a prioritised assessment process via external consultants and integrated this into stock condition predictions
  • Embedded systems that were reliable and robust leading to the successful rebuilding of confidence and relations with external agencies
  • Developed a detailed fire risk assessment process that was held out to be best practice
  • Provided a strategic view of what needed to be delivered, how this could be prioritised and the agreed 'trade-offs'
  • Acted as a mentor to a number of senior managers on both compliance issues and general asset management issues, getting them to challenge their assumptions and to look at new ways of working

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